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We have cupcake and cookie favorites we bake from scratch and are available every day. 

GLUTEN FREE CUPCAKES AND PALEO DAYS!  We offer gluten free cupcakes and cookies every day of the week at Kaity Kakes.  Our gluten free products are made in one cupcake and one cookie flavor each day;  look for the star beside the flavors on our menu to determine which flavor will be gluten free.  On Wednesdays we will offer a Paleo cupcake and cookie.  We will accept special orders for Paleo on other days of the week.

Saturday mornings we will be open a little earlier to offer a breakfast cupcake, cookie and muffin specials.


Lisa Bretz wrote on August 15, 2015 12:19 am

What is a Paleo cupcake? I was wondering if you could do an order for 6 dairy free gluten free cupcakes? If so, how much would this cost? Is there a minimum of how many a person has to order?

Thank you 258-6768 or

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